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Spring Has Sprung 2

Alrighty now, the inside is done let's go outside. There is a laundry list of things to do outside, to get your home ready for Summer. We will tackle some here to increase the longevity of your house.

Let's kick off our list while starting from the top and working our way down.

Roof and Gutter Inspection

Hire a Certified Home Inspector to perform a roof inspection. On our Roof Inspections, we inspect the roof coverings, all visible flashing, roof penetrations, and climb in the attic to see if we can spot any leaks on the bottom of the sheathing. We inspect gutters free from debris and securely fastened to the house.

House Washing

Let us get all that dirt, pollen, and grim off the side of the house and the windows. A good cleaning can reveal troubled areas, such as failed caulk and peeling paint. After washing let's re-paint those areas and get some new "High-quality" caulk. Just because the caulk is $4 doesn't mean you should buy it.


Get to pruning those bushes and hedges off the house and cut overhanging tree limbs. While you are down there plucking those weeds out of your beds, check your downspout extensions. Inspect that they are clean and there aren't any cracks. If so, just go buy a few at the local hardware store and switch them out. If there is irrigation, check and make sure the water isn't soaking the side of the house, deck, or walkways.

Yard cleaning

Remove any unused firewood stored near the house for winter. Warmer weather means more insects, which will nest in your firewood against your house. Call a pest control company for a routine spraying to deter bugs in your home.

Reseal/paint your deck

If you choose to pressure wash your wood deck use the widest angle on wood so you do not "cut" the wood. Basically, if it needs sanding when you are done, you were too aggressive. Most of the time you can apply a cleaner (safe for plants) or vinegar and soap and spray your deck and sweep it off. Repeat until desired cleanness. Wait until the wood is dry and reseal or paint, 2 coats minimum. Beware!!! Paint and sealant only seem to last 2 years before having to be redone. So be prepared.


Climb in that dreaded crawlspace. We need to check the moisture barrier, if there is one, animal intrusion, and ductwork. Make sure your vent covers are open and your crawlspace doors are closing. Animals like to weasel themselves in the crawlspace in the winter and early spring to give birth and survive. Armadillos are known for tearing up ductwork and building nests. So be careful or call a pest control company if there are signs of animals. Moisture barriers need to fully cover the dirt and up a minimum of 6 inches on the foundation walls to work properly. Install a dehumidifier if necessary.


The last thing you need to do is check the propane in your grill and make sure the cooler is full. Please don't stage the grill close to the house and melt your siding. You will become the laughingstock of the neighborhood.

So enjoy the few hardworking tasks around the house so you can reap the fruits of your labors for the summer.

PS. Hire Birdhouse Home Inspection Services for your yearly Inspection so you don't have to do half the work.

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