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Radon Testing


 Our specialized inspection ensures thorough assessment and analysis of your home's radon gas levels.


Using cutting-edge detection equipment, our Professional Radon Inspectors at Birdhouse Home Inspection Services deliver accurate measurements. With a commitment to excellence, our Certified Radon Inspectors provide detailed reports and necessary recommendations after a comprehensive Radon Inspection. All our inspections strictly adhere to regulatory standards, guaranteeing meticulous and lawful procedures.

Experience peace of mind through our precise and reliable results. Choose Birdhouse Home Inspection Services for Radon Inspection Services that meet the highest standards and exceed your expectations.


Radon testing is paramount in home inspection due to its potential health hazards. Radon, a radioactive gas, is odorless and colorless, making it undetectable without specialized testing equipment.


It seeps into homes through the ground, posing a significant risk of lung cancer if levels are elevated. Conducting radon testing during home inspections ensures the safety of occupants by identifying any heightened levels and allowing for mitigation measures to be implemented, thus safeguarding against long-term health issues.

Radon Testing

Key Points For Radon Testing

Ensuring proper radon testing is crucial for every home, irrespective of its location or age. When it comes to Birdhouse Home Inspection Services Radon Inspection services, our professional thoroughness stands out.

The EPA strongly advises homeowners to perform radon tests in the lowest livable area of their houses, typically the basement. Birdhouse Home Inspection Services offers Certified Radon Inspector services, utilizing both passive and active testing methods. Passive methods involve strategically placing test kits in the home for a designated duration, while active methods employ electronic monitors for continuous radon level assessment.

For accurate results, the EPA recommends a minimum radon testing period of 48 hours under controlled building conditions. If measurements exceed the EPA action level of 4.0 picocuries per liter (pCi/L), it's essential to take prompt measures to mitigate radon levels.

Our dedicated professionals provide comprehensive reports detailing radon test outcomes and recommended mitigation strategies. Keep in mind that radon testing is a specialized service, demanding proper training and certification. We are trained to offer proficient Radon Inspection Services, ensuring your peace of mind. If a home inspector lacks radon testing certification, it's best to advise homeowners to engage a certified radon testing professional.

Choose us for reliable Radon Inspection services. Rely on our comprehensiveness to secure your home's well-being.

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