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Old Tools for The New Generation

In today's world, everything seems to break easily or just doesn't last as it should. Instead of just running out every time something breaks, we should have a basic tool set to try and repair before we call or buy. It also doesn't hurt to use the largest and free university ever created. "YouTube".

Below is a list that every new and old homeowner should invest in that can save them money in the long run.

  1. Flashlights - preferably rechargeable ones

  2. Toilet Plunger- Its #2 for a reason

  3. Duct Tape - Usually can temporarily fix anything

  4. WD 40 - will loosen anything rusted shut

  5. Channel Locks- multipurpose from bolts to fittings to used as a hammer

  6. Adjustable Pliers - when channel locks won't fit or soft metal is used

  7. Socket Set - metric and standards for when you are putting together furniture

  8. Screwdriver Set- Is used all over the house from tightening loose screws in the door to breaking ice for your cocktails.

  9. Level- to hang those 20 signs of "Love, Live, Laugh" through your house level

  10. Hammer- When channel locks won't work and you need some weight behind it.

  11. Drill Kit - Inexpensive because it may barely get used no more than 5 minutes a month

  12. Tool Bag or Toolbox - Nothing worse than having the tool and not know where it is.

  13. Safety Glasses- Because wearing an eye patch isn't cool

  14. Mask- The older the house, The more you need a mask

  15. Step Ladder- Kitchen chairs are meant for butts, not feet

The List can go on and on but these should be the basics that every homeowner should own. If you are a new homeowner. Congratulations, don't get a welcome home rug or a new plant. Buy a Tool that can help nurture your house into the future.

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