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Don't "Leaf" it Behind

Trees often shower our roofs with gifts from leaves to pine needles to pinecones, and sometimes limbs. While they’re just living their best life, doing as nature intended, these gifts can become detrimental to your roof and gutter lifespan if not tended to, and cleared away, multiple times a year. Allowing debris to live rent-free atop your roof, regardless of its material, or in your gutters can lead to roof leaks and wood rot from its inability to properly carry the water away from your home.

Over time, leaves and other debris left to dwell within the gutter system will begin to cultivate their own gardens. In their decomposition, they invite plants of all kinds to take root and make the gutters their own place of living. Once this begins, the eviction process is much more daunting than ever before.

If left to snuggle close enough to your foundation and siding, innocently small piles of leaves can cost large piles of money. This is largely due to the amount of moisture leaves withhold while also preventing sunlight from drying.

Though leaves on the ground are just the perfect touch of fall décor, if left on sidewalks, decks, and porches, one small rain can turn this natural masterpiece into a slippery situation. Be sure to keep all these areas clean, clear, and under control.

So where is a safe place to house these lovely works of art to ensure they aren’t costing you money? Keep them in a pile at a safe distance from the home and allow them to decompose. Come spring, you will have free compost for your veggie and flower gardens.

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